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Childbirth Preparation


(Online or In-person*)

-Pregnancy, Birth, Post-birth & Newborn Education

-Hypnobirthing Classes & more

Earth Mother is focused on EDUCATING & EMPOWERING 
childbearing women & their birth partners on the many facets 
of pregnancy, childbirth & transitioning into early parenthood.
 Our courses are built from credible, EVIDENCE-BASED 
sources, designed to increase your KNOWLEDGE &
CONFIDENCE in the areas you need it most.
                 Ultimately, our goal is to teach you & your support person the tools                               you need to go on & have a positive and satisfying experience no matter                 what type of birth you have.
*Face to face classes are at the Gold Coast studio location and for your                            convenience, all courses & consultations are available online!

Earth Mother Birth Services

Earth mother understands that navigating the journey into parenthood can often times be challenging with a lot of decision making & we are here to assist you to have a well informed, positive experience. 

We believe that education is of vital importance to women, so that birth can be understood as a normal event aimed to reducing mis-information, fear & anxiety, & increasing positive birth & parenting outcomes. 

Earth mother has designed your consultations & hypnobirthing  courses to be easily accessible & affordable whilst also offering other professional services such as remedial & pregnancy massage to make your journey unique, memorable & enjoyable.

Go ahead and explore your options below 


Consultations & Courses

Please be advised that Earth Mother's Consultations & Courses are in no way intended to replace routine appointments with your chosen care provider but enhance your informed decision making, knowledge & support.

A pregnancy consultation with Midwife Lyndsay will address any questions, concerns or fears you have with regards to your pregnancy, model of care, up & coming birth or in-depth discussion aimed at your individual circumstances. Fantastic resources & advice will be shared with you to guide you on your positive way. (ZOOM available).

30mins: $50      60mins: $100     90mins: $150


Congratulations! You have had your baby? A consultation with Midwife Lyndsay will assist you through the questions you have, challenges you face, supports you need, breastfeeding assistance & more.

Fantastic resources & advice will be shared with you to continually guide you on your positive pathway to parenting. (ZOOM available).

30mins: $50         60mins: $100       90mins: $150


Midwife & Mother of three Lyndsay is a Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner who will be teaching you techniques for a positive birth whether it is a caesarean or a normal birth.

Classes include: self-hypnosis, breathing, positive mindfulness, acupressure, massage, childbirth education  & much more to help you replace fear, anxiety & pain with calm, gentle & empowered childbirth. (ZOOM available).

Courses start from $199.

Other resources start from $9.99 


Earth Mother has designed various other short courses for women looking for something unique. Although our comprehensive Hypnobirthing Course contains all of the above, we recognise that some women only need a little something extra, perhaps more specific? Maybe for the support person? Click through to Courses page for more details.

(ZOOM available)

-Support person Course 

-Labour Tool Kit

-Farewell Fear